By: Jenny Novak Kilmer - Support

"Over the past three months I have met and re-met (people I knew in an entirely different capacity) some truly incredible people. These people potentially have absolutely nothing in common...and definitely have something incredible in common. These amazing people - young and old, addicted, recovering, affected by addiction and concerned family and friends - are all part of the Recovery Revolution Community. I joined this community because I needed to understand the hows and whys of addiction. I needed to educate myself. I needed support so that I could understand what happened in the life of a dear friend. If you are a friend, parent or other family member riding on the emotional roller coaster called addiction - this community will welcome you. If you are an addict - who knows they are ready for change, but is still searching for the strength to make it happen -- this community is for you. If you are an educator or community member who feels helpless when it comes to drugs or addiction -- then you should come to a meeting. I promise you will not regret it. Recovery Revolution has taught me so much. It has given me such hope. And it can offer that to you too. If any of my FB friends are interested in knowing more, please ask. If any of my FB friends would like a ride to tomorrow night's meeting in Mansfield, please let me know."

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By: Kris Kaufman - Support

"For the past several years I have sought a resource for the families that I work with. Recovery Revolution is that resource. Recovery Revolution has provided me with awareness and understanding of a disease that is prevalent in all of our communities, and it can for others as well. One of the greatest aspects to Recovery Revolution is stated in their mission-reduce (break) the stigma of addiction. By reducing the stigma, open conversation with and a true understanding of those struggling with addiction can happen."

By: Joe C. - Recovering Addict

"Recovery Revolution is nothing less than a miraculous, dynamic, and driven community-focused bombshell of outreach and education. The exponential growth of participants and their determined, heartfelt efforts show how important and necessary this mission is. Addiction is an epidemic and will not stop without intervention! Ignorance has never been a viable excuse, and in these situations, it's fatal. 'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing.' - Edmund Burke"

By: Karen - Recovering Addict/Alcoholic

"I was lost in how I was going to work on my Recovery on my own. Then I found Recovery Revolution and it was a match for me. Not only did I work on my recovery I also was learning more about the disease of addiction. The education has been a blessing to not only me but my family as well. With the major epidemic in our communities I am so excited to have Recovery Revolution in our county to hopefully help others with addiction and education."

By: Linda Jones - Support

"Knowing very little about addiction and recovery, the Lord led me to many new challenges in helping others, which eventually led me to Recovery Revolution. It has changed my life in many ways. It has led me to other support people needing to learn and share. It has led me to a new family of recovering addicts that I have learned so much from. I have found a new purpose and passion in my life. I am now helping others to get into recovery as well as continue in recovery. Recovery Revolution has helped to educate, support and love unconditionally. Forever grateful for this season of my life. heart emoticon."