About Us

Mission & Vision

Promoting a drug-free community by providing support to individuals and families affected by drug addiction through face-to-face interactions in hopes of reducing stigma and isolation.

To have a DRUG-FREE Community



Donations appreciated and accepted. 

Please send donations to:

Recovery Revolution

PO Box 252

Mansfield, PA 16933

Support Program

We provide meetings, to support those suffering from the disease of addiction, who are currently in recovery, and for those that would like to begin recovery, and attain success!

Additionally, we provide  meetings for families, friends, and the greater community to educate and provide resources. 




To offer resources, education, information, and hope to those suffering from the disease of addiction, their families, and loved ones, and the greater community.

Are you suffering from addiction and seeking help or recovery? Do you know someone suffering from addiction and trying to help? Do you need help as you support a recovering addict that you love and want to help make a difference in their life? Do you want to help educate yourself or your community? 

This may be the place that can help you! 

You will connect with genuine, compassionate people that understand and will give you hope. 

Please reach out . . . You won’t regret it!

Confidentiality Respected 

We are a registered 501c3 Organization

Founded by Gary and Pam Jenkins in memory of their son Cody Allen Jenkins 5/29/91 - 9/14/13 and in honor of those who have lost their lives or who are currently suffering from the disease of addiction.